10 Tips for Organizing Your Stuff for Self Storage

by | Feb 4, 2022

Whether you’re moving, downsizing, or need to get your clutter under control, the organization of all your items is critical when it comes to storing your stuff. Here are ten tips that will be a great help when packing your belongings for self-storage:

1. Sort through your belongings to decide what you want to store, keep, or donate.

Organize your belongings and make three piles, one pile of items to store, items to keep, and a pile for the items you want to sell or donate. I know that I am not the only one with a closet full of clothes, shoes, and accessories that are outdated or never worn. So it is time to admit it – you have clutter! If this sounds like you, then take some time on Sunday morning to sort through your belongings and make two piles: one for items to keep and one for items to sell or donate. It will be an enlightening exercise in self-reflection and help declutter your home.

2. Create a list of everything you need to pack and organize it into categories.

Do you have tons of stuff to organize for storage? If so, it’s helpful to group your items by category? For example, you can group similar items (i.e., clothing or books), categorize clothing by season/occasion, or sort items by room. Organizing your things by category will make it easy to find what you are looking for when unpacking at a later date.

3. Avoid packing boxes to the brim. It’s a hassle to unpack every box just to find that one item you need.

Instead, leave some breathing room in each box so you can easily access the contents. Being careful not to overstuff your storage boxes will also help prevent damage to your belongings during transport.

4. Rent a storage space at a self-storage facility with full access when needed.

Sometimes it feels like you’re drowning in clutter. There’s so much stuff to keep and so little space that sorting through your belongings can feel impossible. A good solution is to rent from a self-storage facility with easy access. Then, carefully review all your items to determine what you need and want before moving anything into the storage unit. If you have questions about renting the proper storage unit, don’t hesitate to contact us at Great Lakes Self Storage, Northeast, PA, for help.

5. Take pictures of all your belongings before storing them away.

It’s a good idea (when practical) to take pictures of all your belongings before storing them away so you can remember what’s there. Photos come in handy if you need to access something from storage while you are away. For example, if your organization is not perfect, it might be hard to remember what was stored when it comes time to unpack. Taking pictures of your belongings can help avoid any unnecessary confusion.

6. Label each storage bin with what’s inside it (this is especially important if you are storing belongings for multiple people in your home!)

When packing for storage, it is important to label each box with an inventory list. Labeling storage boxes will help you keep track of what is in each box and avoid confusion when unpacking later. Inventory labels are an excellent idea for storage boxes. They make it easy to know what is in each box, and they help avoid confusion when you go to grab something from storage. In addition, you can label any special instructions, such as “fragile.” Labeling will help make unpacking more manageable when you reach your destination.

Bonus Tip: use a different color marker for each category of items to help keep track even easier!

Box with Inventory check boxes and rooms list

7. Use packing materials like bubble wrap, cardboard sheets, moving blankets, and plastic bags.

When moving or storing items, it’s essential to ensure they don’t get damaged. If you’re not careful, the boxes will have holes in them from being stacked on top of each other. You can avoid this by adding packing materials like bubble wrap, cardboard sheets, and plastic bags to your storage box. These things will give the boxes a little bit of extra cushioning, so they don’t get crushed if something heavy is on top of them!

8) Use storage shelves in your storage unit to help organize items.

Using storage shelving can be a great help in organizing your storage unit. However, it would help if you were careful when putting objects on them because storage shelves can break easily. Also, be careful to store heavier objects on lower shelves, making them less likely to break if something falls over on top of them during storage.

Some storage shelves come with an adjustable shelf height, which will allow you to customize where you put different types of things and keep the heaviest ones at a safe level for your storage shelf.

9. Use plastic bins or storage boxes to pack more oversized items such as furniture and bedding.

When you pack up your storage unit, take note of large items. Things like furniture and bedding are considered oversized items. Use sturdy plastic storage bins with lids for heavy items like books or lamps to keep them from getting crushed inside the box: store fragile items upright – this way, they won’t get damaged by other items as easily.

10. Double-check that nothing has been left behind by making a final sweep around the house. 

When packing for storage, it’s easy to miss a few things. That’s why it’s essential to do a final sweep around your house before locking up the storage unit and leaving town. This way, you’re less likely to forget anything important and have to make an extra trip back home.

We hope these tips help you pack and organize your stuff for self-storage. If you have any additional questions about self-storage, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Great Lakes Self Storage, Northeast PA! We would be happy to help!

7. Check on your Insurance Needs
Most self-storage facilities require your car to be insured when storing it, be sure and check with your facility. In addition, your auto insurance company may need the name and address of where you have your vehicle stored, so be sure to check on their requirements as well.



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